Friday, August 14, 2015

Human bodywork: Yay! or Neigh?

I am loving the dressage lessons. Both the instructor and the horse are bottomlessly patient with my over-analytical style.

But we've hit a bit of a plateau with the haunches-in. Namely, when I shift my weight to my left hip, I basically lose control of my legs. My lovely instructor came and physically *put* my leg where it needs to be. I can hold it there once it is there, but I can't move it there myself.

Image stolen from this helpful page.

Even now, sitting at my desk, I can feel that my right side is working harder than my left. And I'm crooked—so very crooked. And, to get a little PG-13 with you, when I get out of the shower and stand in front of the mirror in my altogether, some parts of me are pointed every-which-way but forward.

Obviously developing a core will help (see that helpful link), but what else can I do to get straightened out?

Could a chiropractor help... potentially? I get a set number of "free" sessions in my health plan, so I might as well use them if they could benefit me.