Saturday, August 6, 2011


When the cast was put on, way back in early July, I was told that everything would be "back to normal" when it came off.

This turns out to be something of an overstatement. Yes, the cast came off today, with much sawing and prying and elbow grease and... oh, there's still a big wound there.

The vet says it looks very nice. The edges are clean and it is closing. She is pleased. I should be pleased. BUT (she then says, dashing all my hopes), he will need at least two more weeks of vetwrap bandaging and NO RIDING. Boo. That pretty much puts Elbe Hills out of the question.

It also means the plan that Heather and I had for riding tomorrow afternoon is up in the air. Quincy has been on a regimen of anti-inflammatories almost as long as Blue has been in the cast, but he remains lame most days to varying degrees. The vet suspects arthritic changes, though they came on so fast there's no way to know for sure what going on.

All in all, it's been a disappointing day on the horse front. I will count my blessings though: Blue is officially out of The Pen, so no more stall cleaning for me!

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