Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hey, what's that?

What is that? Do you see it? Look closely.

Did you spot it yet?

Still don't see it?

I'll tell you: That is our mountain loop disappearing for the season.

You know what else it is?

It's a great excuse to get out the blanket. Isn't he cute in his winter coat?

Yep. We live in a beautiful place.

[Note: these photos are about a week old. Today the mountains are even whiter—but you can't tell because we are socked in with the should-be-famous "Walla Walla Stinking Fog." It slides over from the paper mill on the Columbia and settles into every nook and cranny in the valley. If you've never smelled a paper mill, you're lucky.]


  1. Ooooh, yeah, papermill stink. I grew up in a town with a papermill. Eww.

    Time to hunker down, fer shore.

  2. What a spectacular view Ruth. I can't imagine looking out my windows at a mountain range (as the mountains are my favorite place in the world). The closest range to us is the Blue Ridge Mts. Small in contrast to what you have, but at least a six hour drive for me to partake.