Saturday, March 31, 2012

Small thoughts on small things

As I was filling up the baggies of mixed supplements that Blue enjoys twice a day, it suddenly occurred to me: We must have really shiny mice. And they probably have wonderfully limber joints well into old age.

Also have a theory for you: The smaller the animal, the longer the attention span. A fly will buzz around my head all day unless I kill it, but my horse wanders off as soon as the cookies are gone.


  1. ...Did you walk through a funny puddle last night?

    I woke up before dawn this morning (gotta love kids), flipped on the phone to blearily check my email, and saw your comment on my blog... and had the great experience of waking up laughing. Thank you :)

    And now this post.... by golly, I think you've hit the nail on the head, both with the size theory and the mice.

    There's a slight possibility I may sneak along to the big ride at the end of June, just to meet people. No promises, though.