Sunday, May 13, 2012

Clip clop clank

Let me preface this with a very important statement: The farrier is coming tomorrow. The farrier IS coming tomorrow. Tomorrow!

I think The Kid actually thought I was being a little too "crazy horse lady" back in April when I said that it would be wise to reset Blue before Mt. Adams... putting us on a five-week shoe rotation. Well, what does he know anyway? Nah, it was his first time working on Blue and I think tomorrow will open his eyes a bit.

Blue's front feet are toe-tastic. They aren't completely pancaking, thank goodness, but they are long and underslung and too ugly to take pics of. :)

The hinds are more the opposite problem. I warned The Kid that Blue tends to drag his hind toes and will square them off on his own if you don't give him a humongous breakover.

That pinpoint of light in the toe is a little hole where he has worn his toe all the way through the hoof wall.
The other hind shoe has its own problems. I'm not sure if he stepped on himself or what, but I'm pretty sure this is isn't normal shoe placement:

I repeat, the farrier is coming tomorrow.

Overall, our ride was really good in spite of the shoe troubles. We did roughly 3.6 miles up before the road changed to pavement. By then it was getting pretty hot out and Blue was looking for water, so we were happy to head back to the trailer.

Molalla River, skeptical ears.

Nice even sweat marks.
Next stop, Trout Lake!

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