Saturday, December 29, 2012

Endurance rider gift guide?

I think that Christmas 2012 will be remembered as the year that my new family really started to figure me out.

My mother-in-law had called Brian to ask what kind of jewelry I liked. Since that was a bit of a non-starter, she ended up consulting cousin Amanda. ...which is why I am the proud owner of the fanciest body brush I have ever seen. The handle is real wood and leather and the bristles are actual horse hair. I never thought a grooming product for a horse could feel so sinful and luxurious.

Gifts from Brian included many of a girl's best friends: An elegant set of heavy duty floor mats for the truck, a sparkling Gerber multi-tool, and magnificent machine washable synthetic half chaps.

Of course, my parents have known me quite a bit longer than my in-laws. Because of this, they can be trusted to purchase the kind of horse-related gifts that really make endurance riding possible.




They sent me Anti-Monkey-Butt Powder and money. :)

Nice haul, eh?

*     *     *

In other news, earlier in the week, the last of the nail holes disappeared for good. Blue's feet looked a bit raggedy where the holes were meeting the ground, so I grabbed the hoofjack and the rasp. They already look approximately 26 billion times better than they did in November.

It's also helping that the landowner built a new pasture option. There is this long, narrow track that opens up into the Christmas trees, where the mud will be less intense than it is in the open field, but there will still be some enrichment.

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  1. Your parents must love you :-) You haven't linked to my blog yet?