Friday, September 20, 2013

A PSA for all the ladies out there

In case you ladies weren't aware yet, Jockey is making a product now called Skimmies. I like them roughly a zillion times better than my Smarty Pants.
  • They are thinner and lighter. 
  • They breathe!
  • They don't bunch.
  • They come down closer to my knees and don't ride up.
  • You can pull the waist all the way up to your bra-line, or leave it where it naturally falls (they are REALLY stretchy).
  • They do have an inner thigh seam, but I have yet to notice it while riding because it isn't bulky at all.
  • I can also wear them under skirts at work. 
  • They come in sizes that fit sturdy women like myself.


  1. When you pull them up, do they stay up?

    That's the problem with me and underwear (which I'm sure you were DYING to know.) - if they hit where they show on the model, they create the world's largest muffin top on me.

    PS: Thank you for sharing this - I am very intrigued. :)

  2. Good question. They might roll down on you. I um... fold... the top of the underwear over the top of my breeches to put a little more padding between my muffin top and the somewhat harsh elastic waistband of my irideons. It's a sexy look, and I know you're jealous.