Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fix it or go broke trying

We are in a quiet period at work. The downside is that I have too much time to think.

My horse is on my mind, so I’ve been inundating you guys with blog posts to try to exorcise the Bad Thoughts.

First of all, the good news. If you have not heard of Magic Cushion, you should know that it is an incredible product. I posted the picture of the stone bruise on Facebook, and two friends who are both hoof people (one of whom is married to a vet) suggested trying Magic Cushion. The head-bobbing lameness was gone within 24 hours. I treated with MC "Extreme" formula three times (two “changes” just on the affected leg and one treatment of all four feet at once) and the acute lameness has not returned.

But I still can’t go to OR 100.

You see, along with that stone bruise, there was a little filling in the leg. I assumed that the leg would un-puff once the foot pain resolved. And it did. Except for a soft, squishy spot right in the tendon groove—home of bad news, mostly. Injuries to certain ligaments and tendons in the horse’s front legs are just… how to say this nicely? They are career-enders. And in a now-teenaged horse who has not been super reliably sound to begin with, they could be the last straw.

I am trying not to think that way. The vet can’t come until Friday, so in the meantime I am hosing and hand-walking in the spirit of staving off the Worst Case Scenario.

He isn't "actively" lame anymore, but he is not eager to move, either. Making the appointment, it was hard to express to the nice scheduler lady what I was asking for. Roughly this: The boy ain't right and I'm tired of guessing.

The area in question. Nothing to see here. (Literally, I tried all kinds of angles and couldn't get photographic evidence of the problem.)

It is probably just a little strain. Maybe there is a little extra fluid pooling in the tendon sheath that will disappear with Ice Tight and rest.

As much as I hate to spend the money, I am eager to get some professional advice about all of this.

PS: I should add the EXTRA GOOD NEWS that Brian has returned to the kingdom of the fully employed. That second paycheck means that bodywork/chiro will be back on the table this fall. NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON.

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