Thursday, September 8, 2011

Elbe Hills Challenge: The exciting conclusion

OK, truth be told, it was so long ago, I don't have any detailed information about the finish. I was really hoping to have some photos to share by now, but no.

So here's the pertinent info in bullet points without any jazzing up:

• Heather and I completed the trail ride with nothing lower than a B on either vet card, and both horses pulsed in the 40s.

• Once I had lunch and a little nap, I grabbed my book (Dick Francis, of course) and my camp chair and went to watch Laurie come in on the 50.

• Laurie and Otto were 11th in the 50-miler, in spite of getting seriously lost at least once, and taking a break to talk to the radio guys out on the trail. I definitely have a little of that "proud momma" feeling when it comes to Otto. I knew he had it in him, and at the same time I am soooooo glad not to be the one riding him!

Laurie and Otto at the end of the 50 at Elbe—they were both surprisingly perky!

• At the awards ceremony, I won the raffle for an American Trail Gear $25 gift certificate. Guess who's getting a new crupper? :)

• After another great, long drive with Laurie, we got home just as the big storm clouds were building over the valley in the late afternoon. But this is Walla Walla, so it rained mud, not water.

Funny how Elbe got me thinking about next year. I'm already looking forward to HOTR!

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