Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ol' Buttons, the Wonder Horse

The drive to Portland pretty much looked like this:

The road looks clear because it is covered in a solid inch of black ice.

But we made it to the hotel safely enough.

A glorious view of sunny Portland, Oregon.

 I don't feel any particular need to talk about the convention. It was great; I learned a lot. Sooner or later someone else who was there is sure to write a post about it.

What I really want to talk about is the phone call that Heather got from from her husband on Saturday afternoon. What he said, in short, was that Bunny had caught her back leg in the fence. He said that she had cut herself "close to that part of the back leg where it looks like it's bent the wrong way."

We deduced that he meant her hock.

Since neither of us were home to consult—and because we had the towing vehicle in Portland—he had the good sense to call the vet our for a farm visit. I feel bad for the vet since the rainslushsnow was still coming down at that point.

So here's the result. On Monday, Heather called the vet to ask her about the injury. She found out that it was a fairly large laceration but there was no sign that it had gotten to the joint capsule. The vet mentioned stitches with tensioning devices being under the extensive pink bandage Bunny had been sporting all weekend.

Here are the tensioning devices:

I use the same devices to keep tension in my blouse.

Have you ever seen a horse held together with buttons? Me neither.


In other crazy news: I just accepted a new job in Salem, Oregon. More on that in future posts. Everything is up in the air at the moment. But if you live near there and know of a good boarding option, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Oh my, that wound looks pretty significant... although a little odd, what with the buttons and all.

    Sending healing thoughts to Bunny and Heather! (The hubby gets a gold star too.)

    Congrats on the new adventure, I'm an hour North of Portland, so the wrong direction for boarding advice- but hey, maybe close enough to meet up in the middle for a conditioning ride some time!

    Bring your rain gear with you :)

  2. The buttons are so...odd!

    It was great to see y'all, even though I always feel like I come home from convention having SEEN everybody and hardly TALKED to anybody. Sheesh.

    Salem, I think you will love. I hope so!

  3. Wow. The buttons are a perfect solution, but they're... really strange. So glad it didn't involve the joint capsule!

    Nothing but sympathy re: moving and finding a boarding barn.

  4. Right back at you, Funder. We'll be blogging all the same topics for the rest of the spring. :)