Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Ballad of the Uncatchable Horse

They trot right up to me, I tell you, they do.
Every horse at the barn...
That is, not counting Blue.

 Here comes Cash...

 ...and Beau...

 ..and Blackhawk, too...

But those guys are suckers, Mom. You're not catching Blue!

So I caught Intrigue (a stallion!) 

And his daughter, too.
Well that's super, Mom...
 ...but...'re not...



 Fine. I've got a new plan. I call it Plan 2.

 Good luck with that, Mom. Now I'm hiding from you.

Ha! I found, you, old buddy!
Now what will you do?
Plan 2 is quite simple—I halter, you chew.

I don't want to run barrels!
I think that you do.
Ugh, OK, fine, Mom.
...If Sunny does too.

 Would you rather do trails, since the sky is so blue?

 That sounds quite nice, Mom. I'm enjoying the view.

Since you climbed up the hard part, I think I'll walk part too. 
Oh sure mom, the downhill, a break. Whoop-dee-doo.

Blue, that was awesome!
Now what should we do?

 It's been fun, Mom, I guess. But I'll bid you adieu.