Monday, October 15, 2012

Sorry for the silence

So we've been having a little extra drama at the barn over the past week and a half or so, and I've been avoiding blogging about it. I'm working on a big post about saddle fit and hip/knee issues too, but that is coming along slowly! It contains "research" and "sources" and whatnot. Also had some very good rides in the pleasant fall weather, including a fun conditioning trip up to Molalla that I should probably talk about.

But back to the drama. A little over a week ago, Cash (the big paint) went down in his stall and couldn't get up. He wasn't cast; his hind end wasn't working right.

Of course our wonderful vet came out and all the people who live near the barn went out to help too. They got him upright, but he was acting like he'd been drugged—woozy, staggering, unsteady.

Soon, two other geldings were exhibiting the same symptoms. You know how after the vet sedates a horse, they stay upright and can be led, but they look like drunken frat boys...?

Luckily, Blue never showed any signs. He's fine. But the drama around the barn while we waited for the blood results from OSU meant that the three geldings with symptoms were quarantined and there was a lot of cleaning going on. The barn had that sickly disinfectant smell. Bob brought in a week's worth of hay from a different source in case it was a mold neurotoxin.

Results came back late last week. The good news is that they ruled out herpes and West Nile. The bad news they didn't find a definitive cause.

So, for the moment, the theory is that it was ryegrass toxicity... meaning everyone is on drylot (no pasture) for the foreseeable future.

Also, this week the rain got turned back on. If it stays wet, there will be no Foothills ride for us.


  1. Yikes! glad that Blue is okay, wish there was definitive cause.

    And rain at Foothills: if it's minimal rain, I'm going. If it's sopping, I'm staying home. Our skies are clear and blue today (after a weekend of rain), so maybe we'll all be able to go??? Fingers crossed.

  2. I feel like it would be crazy not to go given that it is an easy day trip for me. I don't even really mind riding in the rain. It's more a question of how the footing is holding up. I suppose if it is too wet for me to camp or ride, I could at least show up on Saturday and pulse. I have a good raincoat. :)