Saturday, February 23, 2013

Boot update 2: Even better movement, stupid weather

The hind boots finally came yesterday, so I rode him a in a full set last night. He was a MUCH happier horse. I think his feet must be quite sore (bruises and thrush), because without the boots he is stiff and cranky about moving out. In them, he is back to his normal willing self. He also started forging again, which I am considering a good sign in the sense that he is using the full reach of his hind legs instead of short striding... Hopefully this will all get sorted out before we have to pass any kind of lameness exam.

The weather report was wrong. I know, that is not exactly unusual, but here I am writing the blog when the sun is shining because I reserved Sunday for riding. Today there was a 70% chance of rain and it is bright and sunny. Tomorrow there is a 20% chance of rain. I will be accepting your wagers on that.

It hailed while I was working in the arena last night. If your horse hasn't heard hail on the roof of a cavernous metal building yet, I highly recommend it as a training opportunity.


  1. You are such a riot, I love your riding style. I sure miss you around here! :)

  2. Well you can tell where my mind is! That should have said writing style! heheh