Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update on L

The update this morning is that she is in pretty good spirits, considering. Last night she had a reiki session right before bed and was finally able to sleep. The bad news is that every time they get her upright (crutches/walker), she vomits. They hope this is the medication. The good news is that they aren't going to do surgery or send her to Seattle. They think with the type of break that it is, time and physical therapy are the real cure. Right now they are saying 6-8 weeks in bed with short PT sessions. Laurie says that L had been pretty philosophical about things up until now (frustrated and scared about the injury but still eager to get back to riding) but finally got truly angry last night talking about what a dumb "accident" it was for Otto to spook at nothing and then go over backwards. What Laurie said she needs now is practical help. :) I'm too far away to cook for her or play board games with L at the hospital, so I'm going to see if instead I can arrange to get her some hay delivered for the other horses. It sounds like some other friends are arranging another fundraising avenue as well. I will let you guys know if/when that gets off the ground.

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