Thursday, May 2, 2013

Help L get back in the saddle

Dear friends, I don't want you to feel any obligation, but if you are able to spare a few dollars, I know it would make a big difference to Laurie.

She and I had a long talk this afternoon about how things are going and how hard it is to ask for this kind of help. I really don't feel comfortable blabbing the details all over the internet, but trust me when I say that at this point, every single dollar will make a difference. Laurie is selling off her horses (and everything else that isn't nailed down) as fast as she can, but she still isn't able to work.

I was lucky that my best endurance friends, Heather and Shana, were happy to volunteer their time to deliver some hay and grain to Laurie last weekend just as she was running out. Sending money for hay feels insufficient for the loss, though.

Anyway, here is the link to donate:

Updates and pictures of L have been encouraging. She's at home now and is mostly able to do the basic things herself. Sadly, she's out of school for the year. They had thought she might be able to go in a wheelchair but it turns out the school was concerned about liability in case she was re-injured. And since there are only a few weeks left in the school year anyway, well, they'll welcome her back in the fall.

Finally, if any of you know of programs in Washington state that I can point her to for more official assistance, please post them in the comments so I can pass them along.

Let's hope we can get back to happy, horse-related posts soon!

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