Monday, May 13, 2013

When life gives you lemons, write a hoof update

Well, I was planning to write a fun recap of my ride last Sunday with Kara and Nicole. We did a trail at Silver Falls that I’d never done before and may never do again. Hello, vertigo.

Blue also had his first acupressure treatment this week. I am not a believer at all in this modality, but Sarah is working on getting her certification and needed case studies to work on. She picked various horses from our barn, and we got a free session out of it. She showed me a couple points that may encourage relaxation and a drop in heart rate. That’s something I’m willing to try!

Anyway, I was planning to write that recap too, but work was beyond busy last week as we prepped for our big annual women’s event at the convention center. There was a lot of last-minute hubbub. Things needing written, confirmed, proofed and prepped. And this week I’ll be doing all thing things I’d been begging off with promise: “I can’t do it now, but I’m sure I’ll have time after the event.” Ha.

And then Brian landed in the ER for the second time this year with severe chest pain. He’s fine, but a couple nights at the hospital really thoroughly derailed my riding schedule and will probably be weighing down my finances for the foreseeable future.

Nevertheless, I still intend to go to Mt. Adams this weekend. I will take many pictures.

But to make for the dearth of pics in this post (No trail photos with Kara and Nicole?! No acupressure photos with Sarah?!) I’ll plop a few pictures down here so you can see how much nicer Blue’s hooves are today than they were in November.

I'm excited to see what his new feet will do for his performance this weekend. We're shooting for mid-pack, top 20 if we can.

November 2012

May 2013


  1. Oh man, sorry to hear about your husband(?)'s health problems! Very scary stuff. Blue's feet look amazing now! Good luck at Mt. Adams!

  2. What Funder said. Me too.

    See you this weekend!