Sunday, June 2, 2013

Muddy feet

We had some of this during the week:

Which is how Blue ended up with four of these.

Lovely little six-mile ride at Willamette Mission this afternoon. Blue managed the mud better than ever before and didn't break a sweat. It's a little bit of a bummer to see the pictures from Klickitat (a ride I love), but I know that staying home is the right thing from Blue and for my checking account. We should both be fresh and sassy and Sunriver in a couple weeks!

Rarin' to go.

This is one of the wider spots. Most of the trail is being rapidly reclaimed by blackberries. Good thing I wore long sleeves!

A very boggy obstacle.

Death march with gopher holes, the only slow going all day.

Yummy river water!


  1. I know, I'm sad to miss Klickitat as well. But at least we've been RIDING!

  2. You're going to Sunriver? Come find me and say hi! I will look for you and Blue!