Thursday, June 6, 2013

Public service announcement

It has been about a month since the fellow-boarder who was letting me borrow her rasp and hoofjack moved out to her own place. In the meantime, Blue's feet have been growing up a storm and were getting pretty raggedy. So raggedy, in fact, that they wouldn't fit in the boots anymore.

So yesterday, I went and bought myself a shiny new Save Edge rasp with a handle.

And that's when I learned something very important, kiddoes.

There is at least one good reason your farrier wears gloves.

"Sorry, officer. Those fingerprints couldn't possibly be mine."


  1. Get these! Atlas Xtra gloves. I've never used that site but you can find them if you look in feed stores, hardware stores, etc around town. The other brands of latex dipped gloves only cover the palms and the rasp will slice right through the tops and take off your knuckles. Ask me how I know.

    Atlas Xtra. Only way to fly.

    Welcome to the club, btw. ;)

  2. yep, more then once I have rasped my knuckles... I have come to love the rubber dipped gloves...right now I am tiptoeing with new knives...worried about cutting a fingertip off if not careful...

  3. Well your hair looks cute! :)

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