Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boyscouts are overrated

Meh, being prepared is for boring people. I decided on Tuesday that I’d go to the Grizzly Mountain ride this weekend. I had been toying with the idea—bandying it about on facebook—for weeks, but I never REALLY thought I’d go. 

We aren’t prepared, you see. We haven’t done any serious conditioning since January, and technically I haven't been doing my job long enough to have time off to travel. Also, I can be kind of a wuss about the weather this early in the season. I don't have a nice heated camper to sleep in, so 40-degree nights with wind and rain make for total misery.

I am tired of the cold and rain. I’m looking out and the parking lot flooding right now.

But they’re predicting sunny and 70-plus degrees on Saturday in central Oregon. That is a siren song I just can't resist.

And if we have a crappy ride and come in dead last for lack of preparation, I do not care. As long as we don’t have rain or pink lemonade, I’m declaring the weekend a success.

Sunburn, here I come!


  1. Hey, I'm going. And I haven't ridden since HOTR! Although I have tried to walk at least 4 miles each day...okay, sometimes it was only three, but with a 25 pound kid on my back that makes it feel like 4, right?? Maybe I'll join you in the back of the pack-I'll be riding Pogo Stick Dragon Pony, aka El Cid, a grey Arab with pretty blue tack :) See ya there!

  2. Good luck, stay safe, and have FUN!!!!!

  3. Best of luck for a safe and happy finish!