Sunday, April 15, 2012


What they lack in distance, they make up in variety.

(The trails, that is.) I've been riding the same two-ish mile loop around the Christmas trees because that's the part of the property that's familiar. But today Carla (Jake) and Melva (Echo) took me and Blue over the other trails, where things get interesting. So we did switchbacks and water crossings, and we pretty much survived it with only occasional bouts of mutiny. Blue and I will do it at a trot next time we have a dry day. He needs the work!

I am pleased that I did all my riding this weekend in the Kuda saddle. I finally got a fleece cover for it, and I'm pleased how secure I feel in it. The only problem I can see is that because it is treeless, it has a little more lateral play than I'm used to. Melva was riding behind me and telling me to sit up straight as I was curled hard to the left. The saddle had moved with me, so it felt like my left stirrup was about 3 inches shorter than the right, but it also felt like I was centered. By the time Melva said I was sitting straight, I felt like I was about to slide off sideways. Clearly, my sense of balance and muscle memory is crap. (To put it nicely.)

It's always something, isn't it? 


  1. Pretty trails...uh, where are the ears??? >g<

    RE: crookedness
    Go to the hardware store and get a cheap plastic bubble level. Strap it, tape it, or glue it to your saddle pommel or pommel bags. When you think you're straight, consult the bubble, which will tell you truth!

  2. That is a FANTASTIC idea. Have you done it?

  3. My first horse was Story-built-like-a-propane-tank. If you didn't stay straight in the saddle on that mare, you'd slide off onto the ground, so THAT isn't one of my issues. (I have plenty of other issues, my dressage teacher will never run out of things to fix with me...)

    I've seen the bubble thing and thought it was cool.