Monday, April 23, 2012


Looking at the photos Monica took of me from behind on the trail (they're on the Horsebytes Facebook page if you're interested), I can really see how bad the curl is. I notice it in my office chair at work, but I honestly thought I was policing myself on Saturday. Not so. Here is what I'm up against:
  • Left shoulder higher and farther back than right shoulder.
  • Right hip higher than left hip.
  • Left leg farther back than right leg.
  • More weight on left buttock.
  • Torso twisted left.
I can feel all of those things just sitting here right now, but it also feels like the most comfortable way to sit. But I correct myself often in my sitting posture because I am aware there's a problem. I just slowly slide back into it.

But these photos make me think I need to do a lot more work.

First and foremost, along with our canter work, I really need to start reining with my other hand... at least until I start to even out my shoulders. I also need to switch diagonals more. But what else should I be doing? These are deeply ingrained patterns of movement in every aspect of my life.

I should probably get a lefthanded mouse to change the muscle development.

At the hospital where I work, they have a whole team of people who do vestibular and balance therapy. That seems like an extreme reaction, but I wonder if I can steal some of their exercises.

It is likely that what I really need are lessons and a mirror in the arena.

My inner ears are lying to me about which way is up. How do I win that argument?!


  1. I discovered that I DRIVE in this collapsed position: right side smashed together, left side elongated with my left hand high on the steering wheel.

    And I drive 2 hours each day for work.

    Solution (or at least part of the solution): keep my right hand on the ceiling of the truck cab as I drive, except when I'm changing gears.

    It's not a permanent solution, but between the change in driving posture and a few years of lessons, I'm noticing some changes.

    Oh, and I use a yoga ball instead of a desk chair now. That helps some too.

    But it's a long road, I'm agreeing with you there!

  2. Ooh, driving slumped to the right is tricky and pervasive. My suggestion: do yoga. Seriously, spend the money on a month of at-least weekly yoga classes, to get help you get a feel for when you're balanced, and do yoga at home a couple days a week for a while. When you walk and sit balanced, you will start to ride balanced too.